Why you need responsive web design

Did you know that by the end of 2015, there will be more people accessing the internet on their phones than on laptops or desktops combined?

This is why responsive web design is a vital component for a fully functioning business presence. Let’s use an analogy. If you’re a pizza

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Ummah and the importance brand identity

Just a couple of weeks ago Ummah was a term only known within the Islamic community but now, in the UK at least, Ummah has become a buzzword. As a result of the Birmingham Trojan Horse story, people who’d never heard of Ummah are beginning to grasp the idea of a ‘guided community’. Sadly it’s largely for the wrong reasons.

Ummah, the sense of a group of people guided by the things they do and the way they do them, has no real non-Muslim equivalent. While it’s

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Understanding your brand’s audience

Learning about your brand’s audience is a bit like moving to a new country – it’s interesting and challenging and often tiring! The easiest way to start is by looking at your current customers or clients and building a profile of their common likes, needs and problems. That allows you to see where you fit into their world, and helps you see where and when to communicate with them.

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Branding and Islamic Values

Risks and Rewards

In the United States, Islamic consumers are called ‘the new Hispanics’ in terms of their potential as a market. This is because there are 1.6 billion Muslims globally, half of whom are under 25 so they have earning potential and disposable income. By 2050 those identifying as ‘Islamic’ will be more than 50% of the planet’s population. Whether viewed as a target, a segment, or a force to be reckoned with, the Islamic population will impact how brands operate in many ways.

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