A new way of working

Creativity knows no boundaries - but it does have context

Europe is famous for its style. From Michelangelo's David to Jean-Paul Gaultier's couture, Europe's influence has defined fashion, concept, brand ...

Muslim culture is dazzling, diverse, deeply rooted in powerful interpretations of faith, nature and relationships.

Together, European style and Muslim culture fuse into a potent, tool that persuades, influences and sells.
We also believe great creative work is born out of strong relationships with clients. That means all of our projects are truly collaborative and enjoyable experiences. Life is just too short for dull, ineffective meetings.
And if that wasn’t enough, the maraschino cherry on the top is that we pride ourselves on reacting and adapting to our clients’ needs. To tell the truth, we often know them before they do.

Damask Media is this hybrid

Our work is persuasive but based in solid metrics. We aim to be as elegant and strong as Islamic calligraphy, as influential and seductive as a paradise garden. Our roots are Muslim, our influences high European, our work ethic all-American ...If you want thoughtful but dynamic copy, respectful but compelling solutions, branding that is as illuminated by Islam's core values as Eid al-Fitr illuminates Ramadan, Damask Media is right for you. Let us bring our talents to bear on the creation of an identity for your company, brand or product - infusing it with Islamic principles and the finest European styling.

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Facts and Figures

We live in a world where consumer behaviour changes rapidly, where brands seek growth. Where consumers want to meet (new) brands. Our vision is clear. We are here to make it possible for brands to connect with consumers. The Muslim market is spreading it’s wings, amongst others into fashion, cosmetics, wellness, pharmaceuticals and tourism. The current total Muslim market is worth $2,2 Trillion and is growing each year with $500 Billion. Many brands are trying to tap into this market, but seem to be challenged by finding the right communication tactics that resonates with this market.

Halal food

£724 Billion of global Muslims expenditure. Expected to reach £1081 Billion by 2018

Internet, socialmedia & mobile revolution

1.2 Billion Muslim cellular subscribers
around the world
and rapidly expanding.

Young demographic median age 24

Large young population of about 1.8 Billion around the world and growing.

Islamic values driven consumption

Muslim consumer behaviour consider religion very important.