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eCommerce websites that create customers

Once upon a time eCommerce was reserved for those selling out of warehouses on industrial estates … today virtually every business or service needs an eCommerce component to its website, whether it’s used for getting people to sign up to courses, seminars or assessments or to transact the exchange of tangible goods for money. So if we all need an eCommerce component to our business website, how do we work out what’s best for us?

Assess your eCommerce needs not from your viewpoint but from your customer’s perspective. What do they want?
The answer is a simple one-two-three:

  • 1. To find what they want easily
  • 2. To be thrilled by what they want, when they find it
  • 3. To be able to buy it quickly.

Why do many businesses get eCommerce so wrong?

Many businesses fail to understand their customers when it comes to eCommerce. They just don’t recognise the key factors that help a visitor become a purchaser, whether that’s an explicit statement of halal status for foods and beauty products or a clear message that conveys the relationship between the website and the organisation for whom the site has been built.

It’s easy for a business to think that everybody knows their values, priorities and lineage, but many visitors need reassurance before they commit to buy, and we’re expert at creating sites that showcase the true nature and history of the organisations we’re working with.

Now you know what your eCommerce website should deliver - how do you ensure you get it?

Use an experienced provider of eCommerce solutions, like us. We have a background in tailoring eCommerce structures to meet the needs of your business and your customers. We build you a site that ticks all the boxes:

  • Clear professional images that can be enlarged easily if necessary
  • Persuasive, powerful text that answers questions and leads to sales
  • Thrilling design that is easy to navigate and exciting to use.

We use dedicated software that scales up and down as your business evolves, so that your website can change and adapt to new circumstances. But that’s just the beginning.

eCommerce websites that work for you

Because our sites are all tailored to their clients, we bring expert input to their design.

  • We make them user-friendly, so your customers love to click on them
  • Through consultation and careful questioning we help you define your unique selling point, and then design a site that reflects it, so you stand out from the crowd
  • Our bespoke eCommerce solutions work with your social media strategy so that they are integral to everything you do and say about yourself
  • Everything we do is designed to convert - so we create eCommerce sites that change visitors to buyers by persuading them to buy and then make the purchase process into a pleasure, not a chore
  • Expert SEO skills in our team mean that your site comes with an inbuilt SEO strategy so you can be found easily by clients and customers
  • We road test your site so that on launch day, you can relax, confident it will work for you, and your customers.

If you want eCommerce that delivers - call us today so we can bring our expertise to you website and help you generate more sales.


We have a team of supremely talented individuals who bring exceptional creativity, endless enthusiasm and pinpoint focus to every project they undertake. We all know that our output can’t just look amazing but, essentially, must sell your product.

David DamaskManaging Director
For the past decade David has nurtured every aspect of the company, from the clients and the staff to our renowned brand reputation.
Sophia BaidyaProject Lead
As the Office Manager, Sophia is the oil in the Damask Media cogs. She makes sure that the studio workload flows efficiently.
Abdul HalimCreative Director
As the Creative Director at Damask Media, having over a decade of experience Abdul is the start and the end point for all of our big ideas.
Yasser AttiaSenior Designer
Yasser is a hybrid designer and developer, and can create good-looking, artistic websites with in depth technical functionality.


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Our phenomenal team have completed projects for :

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