The Sultanate

The Brief The Sultanate is the Personal website of the up and coming artist Soyful Ahmed. He is a classical Islamic artist specialising in the field of architecture and lives in Ipswich (UK). He is influenced primarily by Mughal, Bengali Sultanate and Timurid Architecture.

The brief: An individual, bespoke brand for an artist. As an artist, the branding had to be understated, leaving room for the customer’s vision rather than presenting a certain style and flavour of design work the artsist would undertake.

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Mizan Exchange

The Brief Mizan Exchange a premium real estate firm with it’s base in London, Tokyo, Dubai. Mizan deals with high priced luxury real estate starting from around $2 Million and up.

Mizan Exchange approached us with one simple mission: create an identity that looked premium, luxurious and powerful. Simple mission but a tough challenge due to the diverse nature of it’s target market as well as it’s global geographic coverage. To create an identity that worked well in multiple continents and connect with clients in various cultures is quite a feat.

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The Muslim Mint

The Brief the Muslim Mint focuses on the creation of bullion coins and bars for discerning collectors and investors. Drawing on the rich legacy of an ancient and widespread culture, Muslim Mint’s unique products celebrate the great achievements of Muslim history, philosophy and fine art.

Even though it is the leading authority in the muslim coin industry, The Muslim Mint was experiencing a lack of public recognition and visibility. We worked with the TMM to create a brand that would clearly and coherently represent the breadth of its role and the impact of its activities.

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The Halal Club

The Brief Create a set of brochures for a small independent online portal targeted at Muslim businesses and entrepreneurs. The Halal Club projects to be an online marketplace for the UK Muslim community, bringing together excellent halal businesses to sell products and services.

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Camden Central

The Brief The Camden Central Mosque Project was an effort to create a purpose built facility to promote a healthy practice of Islam in modern Britain and to share its cultural/artistic heritage with the other diverse communities in Camden.

The CCMCC board let us know that they were looking at color, imagery and name recognition – all in one for their logo development. They also wanted a symbol incorporated in the logo.

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