Websites that work for businesses - CMS demystified

It’s astonishing how often an organisation will spend time and money creating a website that really represents the company well, that aligns an online presence with the company values and gives accurate and up-to-date information about the business … and then just let it sit there, unchanging and static, decaying gently through the search engine rankings until it disappears from view.

CMS flexibility offers business dynamism

A Content Management System or CMS is the key to regularly refreshing your website’s content and should be a key feature of the hard work your company has put into its online presence. Here’s how it works.

CMS is a custom designed solution that has been crafted to work for each business client so that they get exactly the content update they need, whenever they need, without complex administrative layers between the company and its audience.

Correctly structured CMS is easy to use - it gives the user simple slot and drop systems that are straightforward to complete. The best systems, like the ones we design for our clients, contain an internal layout editor that takes whatever information you input and harmonise it so that it fits seamlessly into your website design. We call this agility, and it should be built into CMS so that you can update your site without pausing for thought or having to work through layers of editing screens.

Security and ease of use with CMS

Of course there are other considerations than simplicity of use - security is one. We ensure that our bespoke CMS provides clients with confidence that their data is secure and their system is safe from hacking, malware and web-based threats.

Our CMS is also easily installed and set up - it is based on intuitive structures that any member of an organisation can master and feel confident with very swiftly, so that you’re not tied into having one person or department responsible for website updates. This means there is a streamlined process of authoring pages, with a much faster turnaround time that with other systems. Decentralised authoring is a benefit for fast moving organisations and can lead to a substantial reduction in site maintenance costs.

CMS for business growth

The final reason to opt for a personalised CMS systems is that it offers a great opportunity for business growth and movement - in a fast-moving world, it’s vital that your website constantly represents your organisation effectively and that means keeping the world up-to-date with who you are and where you’re going.

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