Why Graphic Designers are
worth the cost

Many people wonder why they should pay more for graphic design when they can hire an online designer to create a logo or letterhead or even ask their art student friend or relative to do it for them! There are many good reasons and we’re always willing to explain why what we do is worth the money.

Graphic design - first principles

Most people these days begin with a website - thirty years ago their first design need was a letterhead and business card. As the world of communication evolves and changes, choosing a strong brand image that is carried successfully through all print and online material is vital. Weak design doesn’t transfer across from one field to another and becomes confusing or even off-putting in different contexts. We don’t need to give examples, just google ‘bad logo design’ or ‘bad graphic design’ and have an informative half hour discovering why you really need to pay for professionalism.

Uniqueness of image

We ask questions and do research to ensure that we can place you in a field of your own, well above your competition. You work with a designer, not a salesman and we ensure all our clients have a unique design, not an off the shelf idea.

Budget and graphic design

Every client has a budget and it has to cover all their needs from online imagery to printed design, from packaging to mail-outs. Our job is to make the most of your budget so that you receive a substantial, unique and durable brand image that evokes your values and creates a lasting impression in the viewer’s mind.

Exhibitions and events

Whether its trade shows or community events, careful but eye-catching graphic design allows you to create posters, banners and other large format graphics that give the best impression of your business in line with Shariah or other ethical principles. As designers with a clear set of principles to which we adhere, we know how vital it is to have an image that is in line with your beliefs and behaviours.


From annual reports to company magazines from a prospectus to a history of the organisation we work with printers to design and deliver stunning print materials that inform, educate and delight the eye.

So the next time you're tempted to wonder if a non-professional couldn’t design your graphic materials, simply remind yourself that it’s our job to make it look easy - that doesn’t mean it is!

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