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How does SEO help brand marketing?

As a design consultancy, we often get asked what SEO has to do with creating great graphic design. Some of our clients wonder what the nuts and bolts of Search Engine Optimisation has to do with developing a great brand that has customer loyalty.

First, the purpose of SEO is to drive traffic to websites. If you’re investing in a great website to attract clients and inform the world about what you have to offer, then investing in SEO to bring the right people to your website is a vital part of the process.

Second search engine optimization is a fast-changing world. It encourages the volume and quality of visits that arrive via search engines, and this is described as ‘organic’ search results (organic = unpaid, if you like) but as your competitors will almost certainly have a blended campaign which includes both organic and paid for strategies (PPC), you’ll find keywords, key phrases and meta descriptions change regularly, depending on what your rivals are bidding on. So you can’t SEO only once and keep your ranking - organic SEO is an ongoing process.

Third, SEO is intensive. It requires knowledge and expertise, but also time - to optimize a site and keep it optimised is a labour intensive workload that requires sensitivity to the current SEO landscape.

At Damask Media we help our clients master SEO in three ways:

Initial SEO Report

This sets the scene for improving a website’s ranking for all the major search engines. It will detail keyword research and traffic predictions and give details of what your competitors are up to, as well as estimating cost per click if required and suggesting strategies to improve the current website or craft a new one if necessary

Ongoing SEO Campaign design

Just like great graphic design, SEO campaign design needs to be elegant, implementable and cost-effective. We go the extra distance with our clients to deliver a clear campaign over a 12 month period to improve organic ranking. And of course a year long plan isn’t much good unless you know how you’re doing, so we provide a monthly progress report.


PPC or Pay Per Click offers an almost instant first page Google ranking via a well-planned Google Adwords campaign - if clients want this ranking, we offer a range of strategies to make it happen, based on each client’s needs and budget.

Design, SEO and Business Success

This is why we believe that SEO is as important as a great logo or a catchy slogan, and it’s why we make a commitment to deliver an SEO component to your overall design that is just as powerful, stylish and effective as the graphic design.

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