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The dictionary definition of the word sensational is, “causing great public interest and excitement” and that’s what our websites are designed to do. There’s a lot of hype on the internet about web design, for example: ‘websites that explode off the screen’ … who wants an exploding website?

What a truly great website does is create public interest and excitement. But only in the public it’s intended for. That’s why Damask Design focuses on understanding you, our brand, the way your business operates so that the website we create will work to create interest and excitement in the very people you’re trying to reach. We believe there’s no point wasting people’s time. We feel that it is good practice to inspire, educate and win over the people who are your natural clients, and bad practice to entice and encourage those who will not benefit from a relationship with you. We’re all busy people and we believe a part of Ummah is to focus on and reach the right audience, not to distract and annoy the wrong one.

A sensational website is unique - it doesn’t look like anybody else’s design, nor does it pin you down to remaining just as you are. A sensational website grows with your business and responds to your needs, it engages with your target audience but it also engages with your aims and ambitions, supporting your business in its growth.

A sensational website is simple - it looks good, works easily and provides a straightforward route to you. The best websites are like a personal introduction, not a fanfare - they create a relationship, not a fuss.

A sensational website has appropriate design - our websites aren’t here to tell the world how clever we are, but how important your business message is. They exist to improve your business share, not our design profile.

A sensational website works for you - even if you’re not interested in websites! Our job is to understand your organisation and to create a website that allows you to feel confident that your online presence is a fair reflection of your aims, values and real life business.

3 Sensational Website Options

  • Static website - these websites offer a clear and semi-permanent picture of what a company has to offer. Ideal for those with an established offering that doesn't change much, the downside of a static website is that changes need to be accomplished by a web designer or in-house web manager.
  • CMS website - these sites offer easy editing functions, so that the client can edit the contents of the website very swiftly. Ideal for those with a seasonal or rapidly changing business, the downside is that if you don’t regularly change content, you may drop down the search engine rankings and your customers may feel you rapidly become ‘out of date’.
  • eCommerce website - these sites are for those who wish to sell goods or services online. They may be large or quite small and require regular management of inventory or stock.
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