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We think clever thoughts. We create great brands. We deliver real results. No smoke and mirrors. No agency fluff.

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Some of us dream in Pantones, some think maddeningly in straplines and others obsess at a pixel-level detail.

Brand Obsession

We are all obsessed with branding, using it as a powerful tool for transforming our clients’ businesses…


We create powerful branding & marketing solutions, either in print or online,
enabling you to reach a much wider audience and create opportunities to grow your business.


From annual reports to company magazines from a prospectus to a history of the organisation we work with printers to design and deliver stunning print materials that inform, educate and delight the eye..

So the next time you’re tempted to wonder if a non-professional couldn’t design your graphic materials, simply remind yourself that it’s our job to make it look easy – that doesn’t mean it is!.


A Content Management System or CMS is the key to regularly refreshing your website’s content and should be a key feature of the hard work your company has put into its online presence. Here’s how it works..

CMS is a custom designed solution that has been crafted to work for each business client so that they get exactly the content update they need, whenever they need, without complex administrative layers between the company and its audience..


Many businesses fail to understand their customers when it comes to eCommerce. They just don’t recognise the key factors that help a visitor become a purchaser, whether that’s an explicit statement of halal status for foods and beauty products or a clear message that conveys the relationship between the website and the organisation for whom the site has been built..

It’s easy for a business to think that everybody knows their values, priorities and lineage, but many visitors need reassurance before they commit to buy, and we’re expert at creating sites that showcase the true nature and history of the organisations we’re working with..


What is a logo – it’s the visual first impression people have of your brand. Like the judgement that most people form within the first few moments of meeting somebody, it’s a constellation of impressions but it’s primarily visual. That’s why working with an expert graphic designer is essential if you’re to make the best impression possible. While logo encapsulates your brand identity, brand is a much bigger thing – logo is that first brief glimpse, whilst brand is the whole business identity, as we’ve described above..

So what should your logo look like? It should look like you! But that’s easier said than done – it’s our job to get to know you and your organisation so that we can represent you in an exciting and interesting way that also has integrity for your business identity..


What a truly great website does is create public interest and excitement. But only in the public it’s intended for. That’s why Damask Design focuses on understanding you, our brand, the way your business operates so that the website we create will work to create interest and excitement in the very people you’re trying to reach.

We believe there’s no point wasting people’s time. We feel that it is good practice to inspire, educate and win over the people who are your natural clients, and bad practice to entice and encourage those who will not benefit from a relationship with you. We’re all busy people and we believe a part of Ummah is to focus on and reach the right audience, not to distract and annoy the wrong one..


As a design consultancy, we often get asked what SEO has to do with creating great graphic design. Some of our clients wonder what the nuts and bolts of Search Engine Optimisation has to do with developing a great brand that has customer loyalty.

If you’re investing in a great website to attract clients and inform the world about what you have to offer, then investing in SEO to bring the right people to your website is a vital part of the process..

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