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  • Digital design
The Alif Academy, a DFE Registered Independent Islamic Primary School with a strong focus on integrated Islamic education, required a new prospectus style brochure to support parental choice in relation to school selection.

Because Alif Academy had a well received logo which it wished to retain, the brief was to fuse the existing branding into a strong modern print identity that would both demonstrate the school’s Islamic values and represent its adherence to the National Curriculum.

Damask Media is a well-established print and digital design consultancy with a rich portfolio background in incorporating extant elements into new, vital branding concepts. Unlike less experienced agencies, whose workload is almost entirely based in ‘ground up’ design, Damask was uniquely located to help Alif Academy site its existing logo within a fresh brochure design that balanced heritage with a subtle rebrand.

Like so many Damask Media clients, Alif Academy was established and successful, and wished to build upon those qualities, so it chose a design agency that was equipped to recognise and incorporate the best of the old, whilst working with fluency and confidence to define the new.

Damask drew upon the abundant Islamic tradition of calligraphic design and geometric art to create a brochure within which the Alif Academy logo fitted naturally. In addition, carefully chosen colours enlivened the print media design, bringing warmth to the intellectual rigour of the Alif Academy approach and yet hinting at the long heritage of Islamic art, architecture and distinctive aesthetics which Alif Academy brings to its focus and which make the Academy into a welcoming school as well as a centre of excellence in early learning.
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