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DOAM - Documenting Oppression Against Muslims - is an online organisation with a unique focus to record and depict oppression against Muslims on a global basis. Utilising every aspect of modern technology and providing an interactive resource for individuals to both educate themselves and share experience, DOAM has a spiritual purpose that requires a substantial investment in both technology and brand to achieve its aim. Reaching a global audience to discover and describe the oppression experienced by Muslims and of the Islamic faith, demands clarity and a universal approach. The extent and complexity of the Islamic world means that DOAM requires a logo that is universally demonstrable as a defence of faith.

The concept requested by the client was a dome entwined with the word Zulum which means injustice, oppression, iniquity, unfairness, inequity, inequality. The dome stands both as a defence against oppression and as a stylised representation of mosque architecture.

Damask Media, as what is possibly the premier international agency for Islamic brand image and development, was uniquely placed to help DOAM find a global brand identity that would serve Islamic communities in diverse cultural and geographical locations. A deep recognition of the demands placed on an Islamic brand to unite, demonstrate and carry the message of the prophet, along with a honed ability to create brand identity that works outside the Muslim community, gave Damask Media a head start in creating a powerful logo and brand redesign.

Investigating the word zulum in a range of Arabic styles: Thuluth, Kufic and Diwani, revealed the underlying ethos of each of the styles which could be brought to serve the DOAM vision. Investigating the relationship between the dome and each of these scripts led to the use of the Kufic calligraphy, for a number of reasons - it is one of the oldest forms of Islamic script, dating back to the late seventh century and in daily use as the text of the Qur’an for four centuries. It has two original forms, Eastern (short angled strokes) and Maghribi which is more ornate and still in daily use in the North African region. Square Kufic emerges in the thirteenth century as was specifically designed to operate on coins.

A Kufic rendition of zulum both nestling within and supporting a stylised dome links the key concepts behind DOAM and this widely recognisable calligraphy gives the organisation the greatest scope to be instantly understood and appreciated by the global Muslim audience.

The supporting rebrand simplifies, clarifies and strengthens the central work of DOAM, uniting Muslims in recognising and valuing the work of faith and encouraging the identification and documentation of acts of oppression of the faith.
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