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The Halal Club required a new logo, brand guidelines, a fact sheet and a corporate brochure. As a select independent portal, The Halal Club sees itself as swiftly becoming a premier online marketplace for the Muslim community. Linking excellent halal businesses with discerning Muslim customers, the Halal Club aims both to support businesses and entrepreneurs and to offer the best of Islamic products and services to a UK clientele.

The global nature of numismatics required material that would work across languages, borders and cultures.

Damask Media is perhaps the premier agency for brand image and development in the UK. Working with an international clientele, it has become a key driver for Islamic identifying businesses to define and drive brand identity and values. As a result, it was a natural partner for The Halal Club. An instinctive sense of the requirements of an Islamic brand, allied to decades of experience in creating unique and appealing brand identity, gave Damask the ability to instinctively interpret The Halal Club’s needs.

A crisp Arabic calligraphy-based logo with a strong modern feel gives The Halal Club a foot in tradition whilst focusing on its bright future. The stacked logo brings a sense of warmth which is supported by bold colour choices that offer a blend of warmth and sophistication. Wide white space gives the logo its due prominence and, like all Muslim brand identities, clearly and carefully defines the role of imagery in Islamic life - an abstract design that reflects the values of an Islamic brand’s core identity.

The brand identity is supported by clear documentation of brand guidelines, which demonstrate the values of the brand and how they are to be transmitted visually.
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