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International Real Estate (IREF), a specialist multi-asset investment business, was founded in 2004 and is based in London.

IREF recognises and contributes to the new economic reality with a relish for change and the opportunities it brings. Specialisation in alternative investment brings an natural alignment between their global capacity and expertise and their clients’ interests. At this intersection of investment, international finance and wealth management, a global identity is paramount. Where client relationships, personal contacts and high calibre decision making really count, a distinctive identity is crucial. The brief? A global yet distinctive brand identity uniting stability, coherence and trust with investment prowess. Requirements? A new logo and corporate identity plus print design elements and a revised website.

IREF approached Damask Media to redefine its brand identity. After around a decade in the financial sector, IREF was ready to rebrand to reflect ten years of progress and demonstrate the evolution of the organisational philosophy.

Damask Media has an established pedigree in international brand creation - the agency called upon this background in creating brand individuality across national boundaries. Using its understanding of international business imperatives, the agency’s key creatives drew upon well-established design elements to establish a classic yet unmistakable brand identity.

Damask designed a conservative but compelling brand, epitomised by a minimalist logo based in a typographic design that contained subtle design elements to reflect the conservative nature of the financial sector. A simple, striking and well-balanced logo communicates across matching stationery and a brochure to express the broad range of financial services available and the global scope of IREF.

The IREF Summit website harnesses classic finance industry colours: cobalt, charcoal and red, to unite the strategic scope of property finance and real estate and the traditional imperatives of investment. This more dynamic part of the IREF brand demonstrates the value of a minimalist logo that can be harnessed to a range of purposes and is a key feature of the IREF offering.
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