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Irresistible Drinks Co. is located in a unique brand position, linking top quality taste in soft drinks with ethical consumerism. Backed by a management team with core expertise in both FMCG and corporate social responsibility, positioning the brand would prove crucial to a successful launch process.

Brand identity needed to locate comfortably in ethical and environmental movements and boycott processes. Irresistible confronts the many complex responses to conflict around the world, especially the perceived sense that Western dominance is in a state of collapse and many US super-brands are less attractive to those who wish to support broad humanitarian, international and justice based enterprises.

Irresistible Drinks Co. needed a sophisticated positioning via brand identity. Rather than siting itself a direct competitor to the mega brands in soft drink retail, Irresistible had to fit in and stand out, be a wise choice and a talking point, and be a defiant response to the claim that you can’t have fun and do good at the same time.

Damask Media is a dynamic design agency that brings Islamic branding values to everything it does. Uniquely placed to help brands deliver globally, Damask put its design focus to work for Irresistible and produced a compelling result.

Can you Resist the Urge? Using the key elements of well-established cola and soft drink brands gives Irresistible pedigree in the marketplace. But the sophisticated use of typeface and challenge/question based strapline immediately suggest something beyond the average - a suggestion instantly born out by the dual response of satisfying the taste buds and satisfying the human urge to help others.

Damask Media balanced clearly identifiable elements of ‘heritage’ cola such as colour with rebellious features such as the challenge strapline to provoke investigation.

Three balanced elements:
  • subvert/support
  • challenge/satisfy
  • taste/conscience
    • came together to create a brand identity that will excite, reward and stand the test of time.

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