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RedTech is an ambitious educational paradigm, bringing a strong entrepreneurial partnership approach to computing and IT at Redbridge College. Spearheaded by a triumvirate of the College’s staff, the RedTech approach aims to improve success for students, challenge and extend learning, create a unique selling point for the department and increase recruitment and collaborative initiatives through the college departments and outside them.

RedTech needed to develop a fresh identity for an established department whilst retaining its clear academic structure and focus. In addition the brand identity had to work both for students and outside partners, so it must both attract 16-18 year olds and work for computing and IT organisations that might partner RedTech. A demanding brief, constrained also be the siting of RedTech in an established college, limiting the interior design that, along with logo and brand identity, comprised the brief.

Damask Media has a strong focus on working with and developing design talent in all media. As a result, the agency was a natural choice for a computing and IT organisation, as the Damask team were already up to speed with the demands and ambitions of computing and IT brands around the world.

In addition, Damask’s team balance includes agency members with decades of experience and those who have recently completed their own education - a healthy blend to define and test a brand that must appeal both to teenage students and established computing and IT businesses.

RedTech’s streamlined logo demonstrates speed and agility in a notably fast moving environment. The stylised ‘R’ nests RedTech comfortably within the larger Redbridge College brand but gives RedTech an outstanding and separate identity. The brand fit naturally into the fractal and faceted nature of the logo background, which is developed in the departmental interior.

This multi-faceted concept makes a strong statement as decor, clearly demarcating RedTech from the rest of Redbridge College. The warm red tones pick up on the college name but also offer a powerful sense of depth and strength, which is enhanced by the fractal nature of the interior design, hinting at complexity and scientific endeavour.
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