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Balmoral Institute, a well-established centre of learning offering year round education in English, Media, IT and Citizenship, needed to refresh its brand offering.

The Institute needed a logo that spoke to its role as a centre of excellence in teaching a wide range of English language for citizenship, as a second language and for business, but did not exclude Balmoral’s other focus of media and IT centred courses. Stationery and a brochure were designed to support the logo and to create a coherent identity for the Institute across print media.

Damask Media brought wide experience of working with a range of educational institutions to bear on the need for a logo that demonstrated the value of education but also defined a brand identity unique to Balmoral. To support the logo design, careful colour use in the range of print media enhanced the role of the logo as an emblem of a warm, supportive and excellent educational environment. Crisp print design, strong diagonals and powerful placement of colour blocks created a balance of evidence based integrity for the Institute’s excellence along with aspirational emotional appeal to give current and potential students a sense of inclusion and excitement about learning.

The Balmoral Institute’s logo speaks strongly to the absolute building blocks of education. Three triploid blocks in a combination of warm and cool colours create a 3D effect, echoing the rounded nature of a good education, whilst the warm red, triple grey and gold colourway brings life to what could otherwise be seen as an analytic structure. The warm red and dusty gold also echoes the 2008 Liverpool European Capital of Culture logo, linking the Balmoral Institute to the heritage and values of the city in which it is proud to be located.
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