The Ghazali Coin

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When the Muslim Mint decided to create an iconic numismatic offering, it needed to find a compelling way to unveil its new creation. Because numismatic coins are the preserve of a discerning elite, it sought help to align this traditional investment vehicle with ultra-modern communication strategies to deliver effective information to a wide international audience.

The global nature of numismatics required material that would work across languages, borders and cultures.

Damask Media has worked with the Muslim Mint since its inception. As a result, it was perfectly placed to advise on marketing vehicles.

After consultation and research into audience segmentation to ensure effective global uptake Damask Media created three significant routes to demonstrating the investment and aesthetic value of the flagship al-Ghazali coin: the design of the coin itself, a 3D animation and a brochure.

Each offering required very different skill-sets and approaches, so Damask created teams that delivered on each of the outcomes, whilst cooperating to establish meta-level results that would work across identified boundaries.

The world of numismatics is highly structured and traditional. As a new contender, the Muslim Mint needed to break into a highly select field, but also to establish a strong, fresh brand. By launching their coin offerings with a coin inspired by Islamic philosopher and polymath, Abu Hamid Ibn Muhammad Ibn Muhammad al-Tusi al-Shafi'i al-Ghazali, the mint had set a challenging standard for itself. Damask Media was ready to take that challenge and turn it into a stunning set of visual responses.

First, Damask Media designed the obverse and reverse of the coin in line with Islamic aesthetics, but also to deliver an optimum numismatic value to investors.

The agency then created a 3D animation to demonstrate the beauty and calibre of the coin to a worldwide audience. With a realistic depiction of the coin, via 3D graphics that allow the viewer to feel as if the coin is within their reach, the strongest possible call to action was available. As a result, the Muslim Mint received maximum exposure of their first offering to an audience already versed in assessing the beauty and quality of numismatic coins.

In addition to the high tech animation, which was carefully crafted to work on all platforms and to be exceptionally viewable over mobile devices, a bespoke brochure catered to the needs of a more traditional audience. Discerning numismatic investors undertake extensive research before purchases, and a state of the art brochure reached this demanding and often highly selective group of coin investors.

This multi-faceted concept makes a strong statement as decor, clearly demarcating RedTech from the rest of Redbridge College. The warm red tones pick up on the college name but also offer a powerful sense of depth and strength, which is enhanced by the fractal nature of the interior design, hinting at complexity and scientific endeavour.
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