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The Muslim Mint is a well-established organisation and a foremost leading authority in the Muslim coin industry. Despite this position, the Muslim Mint was not experiencing the level of public recognition its prominence suggested it deserved. The Muslim Mint creates bullion coins, bars and specialist numismatic coins for collectors and investors.

A brand revision to accurately represent the breadth and depth of the role of The Muslim Mint, and to coherently express its values, impact and authority.

Damask Media is well situated to work with organisations that have a global scope. Understanding Islamic values and the specific and tangible differences between a Muslim Mint and other Mints was central to creating a global brand identity that was internationally attractive but also sited itself at the heart of Sharia law and in line with the teachings of the Qur’an.

Qur’anic values made the focus on a visual expression of The Muslim Mint essential to success:
  • Damask refined the visual identity to bring a cleaner and purer visual, using black, gold and white and calling on the immense heritage of Islamic calligraphy to deliver a clear and powerful brand image. The logo is distinctive but has the capacity to adapt to load cultural need without losing power or scope.
  • Web design had to balance visual appeal with commercial acumen. One key feature is the live precious metals price ticker which offers conversion between currencies and weight systems and features real time prices from around the world. This tool is the online reflection of The Muslim Mint’s international scope and focus, and serves Ummah, in providing clear and valuable assistance to the world of coin trading.
  • An explainer video was an essential component of the overall brand strategy, bringing clarity and informing about brand values. Damask provided a specialist script and visuals to ensure that this video was as engaging as it was informative.
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