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Vi Consulting supply specialist consulting services globally across industry, focusing on process and technology to ensure greater productivity, competitive advantage and reduced costs. Risk assurance is key to the Vi promise, so the brief for a communications brochure required a clear focus on competitiveness, performance and achievement.

Damask Media’s global focus made it a natural partner for Vi. More than this, Damask has depth knowledge of a range of industries so that its clarity around process and risk meant a swift connection with the Vi values and an incisive ability to demonstrate visually the power and robustness of the consulting firm’s offerings.

Drawing on the ‘game of kings’; chess, Damask created a communications brochure that balanced the strong visual appeal of a game of strategy with powerful statements about the Vi process and what it offers clients. Between these visceral appeals to business commitment, precise nuggets of information about the Vi offering fed the need for factual information and swift understanding that characterise business leaders who are committed to excellence.

By designing comms that both intrigue and satisfy, Damask Media brings coherence to Vi Consulting’s print media - welcoming and informing new clients whilst supporting and celebrating established ones.
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