Learning about your brand’s audience is a bit like moving to a new country – it’s interesting and challenging and often tiring! The easiest way to start is by looking at your current customers or clients and building a profile of their common likes, needs and problems. That allows you to see where you fit into their world, and helps you see where and when to communicate with them.

Where and when?

Vital information. Because if your target audience is always busy at the time you try to reach them, or doesn’t look at the channels you’re using to try and communicate with them, you won’t connect.

How and why?

Let’s take why first. Having a coherent brand identity and communicating it to your present clients and to potential ones, means that you are building yourself into their world, using their language, locating your brand where they would expect and hope to find it and sharing your solutions with them almost before they know they have a problem.

How requires a number of routes:
  • Print brand material gets carried around, filed, stored, doodled on and generally becomes a little repository of the relationship between your brand and your customer.
  • Online communication, also called internet marketing is instant, immediate and intimate – you’re on your client’s laptop, mobile phone or tablet – in bed with them at night, or on their fold-down tray as they fly out on business.

Appropriate graphic design links these two forms of communication and gives your customers certainty that they are dealing with a clearly indentifiable entity – a brand they can trust and understand. It means that they are confident to engage with you, to share you with colleagues or friends, to recommend you and that when they come across you, whether it’s your logo on a product or your name in their inbox, they feel glad to connect with you.

Talking to your audience

Many organisations forget that audience communication is actually a conversation. They become focused on ‘telling’ rather than remembering to listen. As Islamic brand consultants we know how to find the balance between speaking to your audience and listening to them, so that they feel valued and understood. We also know where to find your audience – the key locations they visit to do research, catch up with friends, find out what their competition is doing and even just kick back and have fun. And we get you there, so that wherever they go, they’ll find you.
And when they find you, we ensure you’re using a voice that they’ll find appealing and giving a message that will attract their attention. Brand marketing is all about demonstrating values, and we ensure you’ll find it fun and profitable to demonstrate yours.